Friday, March 21, 2008

CALPIRG High Speed Rail Spring Break

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The folks at CALPIRG are taking their support of high speed rail on the road (so to speak) during next week's spring break:

After more than ten years of planning, California is finally ready to start building a high speed rail line connecting California’s cities. First, California voters need to pass a ballot initiative in November to set aside more than $9 billion in bonds to fund its construction.

So, from March 24th to the 29th, we are spending our spring break traveling the proposed route for California’s high speed rail line, from Sacramento and San Francisco all the way down to San Diego. Along the way, we’ll meet with elected officials and the media to build support for a November ballot initiative that would secure funding to start laying the tracks.

WHERE WE’LL BE (all times are subject to change):

* Monday, March 24th: Bay Area Kick-off in San Francisco at 10am
* San Jose event at 2pm. (Camp in Sacramento)
* Tuesday, March 25th: Capitol Kick-off in Sacramento at 10am,
* Stockton event at 2pm. (Camp near Merced)
* Wednesday, March 26th: Fresno event at 10:30am.
* Bakersfield at 3pm. (Stay in Los Angeles.)
* Thursday, March 27th: Downtown Los Angeles event at 10am.
* Anaheim event at 1pm. (Camp/stay in Riverside.)
* Friday, March 28th: Riverside event at 10am.
* San Diego event at 2pm. Hang out. Have a party that night. (Stay in San Diego).

Sort of odd that they're not going to San José, but then again the Central Valley is key to the project practically and politically. I hope they're taking the San Joaquins from Sacramento to Bakersfield.


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