Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pledge Your Support for HSR

NOTE: We've moved! Visit us at the California High Speed Rail Blog.

On the right you'll notice a new feature. Ryan Loney put together that form, designed to put together a list of pro-HSR voters to use as a basis for organizing ahead of the November bond vote. Put down only as much info as you want, although it would be useful if you could give us an email address.

If you haven't done so already - and if you're on Facebook - join the Support High Speed Rail Facebook group. There are some other pro-rail Facebook groups worth a look:

I'd Rather Be On The Train

Advocates for a Eugene-Vancouver BC High Speed Rail Corridor

Coast Starlight

Metro Westside Extension

Any other rail-related groups, let me know in the comments. And look for a CAHSR-specific post later tonight...

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