Friday, October 17, 2008

CALPIRG Prop 1A Info Sessions

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CALPIRG is hosting a number of high speed rail and Prop 1A forums at college campuses around the state this month - including one at UC Santa Cruz where yours truly will join Rod Diridon on the panel explaining the benefits of high speed rail, the reasons to vote Yes on Prop 1A.

You can RSVP at this link.

The schedule of events:


When: Monday, October 20th, 5pm
Where: California State University, Bakersfield, Dorothy Donahue Hall Room G102

Speakers include:
Bakersfield Mayor Harvey Hall
State Senator Dean Florez
Aaron Hegee, Professor of Economics and Director of the Environmental Resource Management Program at CSUB


When: Tuesday, October 21st, 12pm
Where: University of California, Los Angeles, Kerckhoff Grand Salon

Speakers include:
Maria Elena Durazo, Executive Secretary-Treasurer Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO
Alex Pugh, Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce Senior Public Policy Manager


When: Wednesday, October 22nd, 4pm
Where: Santa Clara University, Benson Hall, Parlors 2 and 3

Speakers Include:
San Jose City Council Member Sam Liccardo
San Jose City Council Member Forrest Williams


When: Wednesday, October 22nd at 11am
Where: University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley Art Museum Theatre, 2626 Bancroft Way

Speakers include:
Professor Dan Kammen, UC Berkeley
State Senator Leland Yee
Jim Lazarus, San Francisco Chamber of Commerce


When: Thursday, October 23rd, 1:30pm
Where: University of California, San Diego, Price Center Ballroom B

Speakers Include:
State Senator Christine Kehoe
State Assemblymember Lori SaldaƱa
Jay Hansen, Legislative Director, Building and Construction Trade Council
Kelly Cunningham, Policy Fellow, San Diego Institute for Policy Research


When: Monday, October 27th, 12pm
Where: University of California, Santa Cruz (RSVP below and we'll send you the room information)

Speakers include:
Rod Diridon, High-Speed Rail Authority Board member and Executive Director of the Mineta Transportation Institute
Robert Cruickshank, High-Speed Rail blog


Anonymous said...


Is the Santa Cruz event going to have anyone on the con side of Prop 1A?

You probably are not too happy to see the Salinas Californian come out against prop 1A.


small quote from the article:

Besides, the state has a dismal record of bringing in statewide transportation projects on time and on budget. In addition, these projects seldom pay for themselves. Opponents refer to the high-rail project as a "boondoggle," "pork on a train," "a disaster." We agree.

Robert Cruickshank said...

The CALPIRG forums are not debates, they are opportunities for students and the public to learn more about the case for Prop 1A. I'm sure you'll find your way there though.

As to the Salinas Californian, I hope to have a response in the paper next week.

Anonymous said...

This is great news. I plan on going to the UC Berkeley one...Good thing I have class from 10-11am and 12-1pm.

Anonymous said...

hey bloggers,
I made a Facebook event about the CALPIRG HSR Forums. Here's the link:

Please invite your friends if you have Facebook. Thanks, Robert for the heads-up!