Thursday, July 23, 2009

CA HSR Blog On Twitter

NOTE: We've moved! Visit us at the California High Speed Rail Blog.

Over on the right hand column of the blog you can see a new feature - our twitter feed. We're @cahsr. So far it's linked to the blog's RSS feed, but I plan to use it for HSR related purposes and updates, including tweeting the Menlo Park scoping meeting.

My twitter feed is @cruickshank. Some other good transit-related twitter feeds you should follow:


@transbay - this is a particularly excellent Twitter account, from the proprietor of the Transbay Blog, including lots of great tweets from Bay Area government meetings.




I'm sure I'm missing out on lots of good transit and train related twitter feeds. So be sure to share some other good ones in the comments!

UPDATE: Definitely follow @lastreetsblog and @streetsblogsf for updates on mass transit in the two main metro regions of our state.

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