Monday, September 15, 2008

HSR Radio Ads Hit the Airwaves

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Thanks to Michael Kiesling for bringing this to my attention. The California Alliance for Jobs - - has begun airing pro-HSR radio ads starring Will Durst. Kiesling said he heard it on KFOG 104.5 in the Bay Area this morning, which is one of the leading radio stations in the market. It's a good ad, playing on Californians' annoyance with airports, frustration with fuel prices, and desire for environmentally-friendly options to show the value of high speed trains.

The CA Alliance for Jobs are the same people who actively promoted the 2006 infrastructure bonds, and is an organization backed by many of the state's largest construction unions. Glad to see them getting involved in the campaign to pass Prop 1A!

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Anonymous said...

I think the fact that the unions are backing it is a good sign that this project will actually create some benefits jobwise.

However, the private-sector part of this is going to be more important. It may not appeal to the public as much but it is critical "in the back-room" to HSR's success. Not to say that private industry is utilizing machiavellian conduct. But the private industry is just to important to all aspects of society in this modern world and they're support is crucial to making this project happen.